Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored or compensated in any way for this post about hypnosis. These are my own opinions and experiences, and I am not advocating that hypnosis is the best or only way to achieve weight loss results!

I just wanted to write a post about the hypnosis for weight loss session that I participated in the other night because I think it's interesting. Obviously it was just two nights ago so I can't share any results. Also, since I am working hard on my Atkins Adventure, I really will have no evidence of whether or not the hypnosis helps my weight loss or not anyway. But it can't hurt, and I like the idea of hypnosis for other reasons that I will share.

Every year we get a brochure of the community education programs and courses offered in our area. One of those programs was Hypnosis for Weight Loss. There was also a Hypnosis to Stop Smoking. My mom and I attended the Weight Loss hypnosis session. When you think about hypnosis, you might think of those entertainment shows where an audience member is hypnotized into doing something crazy on stage. This hypnosis is different. You can move, you're in control of your body, and you are aware of things around you. You can even fall asleep and your subconscious mind will still hear everything.

Before the group session, the doctor explained that everyone experiences hypnosis differently. They may feel absolutely nothing. Or they may feel heavy and relaxed. Some people even fall asleep - my mom did! The doctor also explained that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so if you don't think it will work, it won't. This can be said for lots of things in life - the self-fulfilling prophecy. Anyway, she spent a half hour talking about what foods to avoid and different weight loss tips which I thought was nice. She explained that even though we are trying hypnosis, it's just an aid, not a miracle. You still have to make conscious decisions about what to eat. I believe this is why hypnosis is very individualized - it might work great for one person and not work at all for another.

Aside from the group hypnosis session, you also get a CD with the same type of hypnosis on it, which you're supposed to listen to every night for at least 30 days. I have previously had this CD from a few years ago, and the best thing about it is that it puts you right to sleep. The doctor pointed out that this CD can be great for anyone with trouble sleeping or insomnia. I think if nothing else, I will continue using the CD to help me sleep! It's great.

Another thing I liked about hypnosis is that she directed us to include our own personal goals into the session, by mentally saying them to ourselves during hypnosis. This can be done with the CD too. Like I said, I don't know yet if it "worked" or not, but I do know that I'm getting an awesome night's sleep thanks to the CD and that I feel more in control of my goals. We can also attend any other group weight loss hypnosis sessions now that we have a lifetime member card, so if we want to go again to renew our weight loss, we can. There was a lady at this session who had already done the hypnosis months ago and lost 23 pounds. So like I said, it can work for some people. It's worth a try anyway.

Also, the doctor talked about diet pop and aspartame before the hypnosis session. I always thought the dangers of aspartame were a myth, so I'm mad because now I want to avoid diet pop and sugarfree drink mixes with aspartame since they might stall weight loss which leaves me with plain old water. Oh well!

Have you ever done anything like hypnosis for weight loss or another type of program?

If you have any questions or want information on the session I attended, feel free to contact me or visit the hypnosis clinic's website at New Way Hypnosis Clinic.


The Loops said...

I would be interested in this. Do you know where I could get the cd? I am an insomniac and I need to lose weight!

Jessi said...

That sounds so interesting...I never thought of being hypnotized.

Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm following you back.

Jessie said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my bog - i am your newest follower :)

AmyLynn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower!

Bargain Hunting Beth said...

I would love 2 talk sometime--I lost 60lbs some time ago

Bargain Hunting Beth said...

i need something for insomnia

Lily said...

I have never tried hypnosis, though my father did hypnosis to stop smoking, and it worked. I'm a new follower from the monday hop.

chris mcpeake said...

Never tried it, way to worried that someone will hypnosis me into doing crazy stuff ... well crazier then what I normally do .. lol