Friday, October 8, 2010

Atkins Adventure, Week 4: Stuck in a Rut

So I got my Little in the Middle jeans back from the tailor yesterday and just had to try them on right away! I wrote a review of these jeans over at Cheapskate 4 Life and they fit me perfectly, although they were too long. So I spent $6 to get them tailored (which was a small price to pay for an awesome pair of jeans!) I think they look pretty good, don't you? Of course, this is a very slimming photo of me, lol. I had to get size 18.1 which is 18 in the waist and 20 in the hips. So it's not all that exciting since I still have a LONG ways to go on my journey to health. But it's nice to have jeans that fit right and feel good! :)

On another note, I feel like I am in a slump. I am still on Phase 1 of Atkins (Induction) since you can choose to stay longer than 2 weeks if you have over 30 pounds to lose. Well I definitely have more than 30 to lose, but the scale hasn't budged the past few weeks. Plus I feel bloated and fat. I have been sacrificing a lot diet-wise with no alcohol, no sugar, etc. And even though I haven't had time to workout a ton, I've been at least doing a good workout once or twice a week. So why the slump? Any ideas on what I can do to rev up my weight-loss and get my body past this plateau?

Well anyway, hope you all are having a great Friday and enjoy a beautiful Fall weekend!

P.S. - Exciting news - I will be doing reviews and giveaways for some exciting stuff soon, including a Kalyx running bra and Crystal Light sugar free candies! I hope that these new reviews will help me get motivated and reach my goals!


Dixie Diva Deals said...

I LOVE this blog idea. I want to do something like this! It was not great hearing that they recommended that I get a 12.1 when I was thinking I should get an 8.1!!! Anyway, I have got to get my butt back on the right track. This is a great site to help me get motivated. Guess what I just bought at the store tonight: caramels, cupcakes, sweet delights chocolate and caramel, sugar daddy lollipops - I love caramel, can you tell? I didn't buy ANYTHING healthy. AND I spent the afternoon with another mommy who eats what she wants, has two kids and still weighs the same as she did in high school. NOT FAIR.

Teresa Choplin said...

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Enjoy Country Living said...

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