Sunday, September 12, 2010

Atkins Adventure - Day 6, Keeping On

It's Day 6 of Induction, and I'm not gonna lie - a few days ago I was about to give up. Yes, just a couple days after starting the Atkins Nutritional Approach, I was ready to give up! The problem was, I wasn't eating enough foundation vegetables and drinking enough water so my stomach started hurting and cramping up. I posted a question on the Atkins community forum on the Atkins website, and got answers from different members right away helping me out and giving me suggestions! I feel a lot better now and am VERY motivated to stick with this program!

I wasn't sure if it would work at all, but I am already down 4 pounds! Of course some of that is water weight and the Atkins info said that you might have rapid weight loss on the two weeks of induction but not to expect that when you go into the other phases and introduce more carbs into your diet. So I don't want to have too high of hopes or lose weight too fast because I want to be able to maintain this weight loss once I reach my goal weight; But I already feel like I have more energy and more confidence, plus I am actually eating healthier than before since I'm getting more veggies so it's worth it either way. I even had two people ask me if I had lost weight on Saturday!
Saturday's dinner - Sirloin Steaks, Broccoli, Sugarfree Jello & Whipped Cream

Tonight's dinner - double burgers!

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Emma B. said...

Ok so I found out the hard way that eating several hamburgers wouldn't help me in my weight loss goals, lol. I was reading more about Atkins on the site and it points out that calories still count, you can't go way over the calories you expend. Duh. I knew that but am dumb. So anyway, I didn't lose any weight this past week but stayed consistent and therefore am still 6 pounds down, so that's good. I hope to lose some this week!